I want to go to there

In the kitchen with Jooolia Child

My parents have the second season of The French Chef so I took a break between re-watching Avatar episodes and watching The Bachelorette with my mom (shame) to make croissants with Julia!

It turned out to be a great time, let’s face it, how could anything with that much butter not be fun? Julia gets pretty physical with her ingredients, smashing the lumps out of the butter with her rolling pin and flinging the dough onto the counter instead of kneading it with her hands. From this experience I’ve learned that beating up dairy products is a great and delicious way to release tension. 

I always like baking recipes that don’t require perfection and these croissants turned out looking and being pretty tasty even with a few bumps along the way (but not in the butter!). 


And they keep in the freezer! I think I’ll have one right now..

Top Chef Just Desserts Season Two final viewing party.

Matthew, fan/Drew favorite, pulled off a heartbreakingly mediocre performance, Sally (Sally) was close but no cigar. Chris (Lauren) crowned Top Chef but just for desserts and should probably not pursue a career on broadcast television.

Aight, lets go to Texas!

Pie Sagas

Cupcakes are so last summer. This summer, I’m all about pies. So far I’ve made 3:

1. Apri-um and Raspberry pie with Natalie in St Paul

2. Apple Crumble pie with Drew in New Orleans (this one was eaten too fast to get a picture, mostly by Jonathan Estuart)

3. Banana Cream Pie with Rachel in New Orleans (optional M&M topping not pictured)

Pies seem so scary for some reason but each of these has included several imperfections and have all tasted so great.

Although Jean Feraca’s voice always weirds me out just a little bit, it’s still nice to sit and listen to her talk about sweets for an hour

(I did NOT make these) So I’ve been meaning to post these for a while and Jonathan reminded me of them recently. Apparently theres a pretty big movement out there to play Catan with edibles.

This is my favorite out of the games I’ve seen.

Credit: QuintanaRoo on Fliker. I don’t think I was technically supposed to steal her pictures… I think I would get caught up in all the sugar happening and not be able to focus on the game.

Phyllis: How about cupcakes?

Angela: Please…

Pam: Whats wrong with cupcakes?

Angela: Everything.

Now you’re going to miss me

Well, having received a tip from several individual Cream Team informants, I had to try out some of the amazing looking recipes from this website: http://mingmakescupcakes.yolasite.com/ I made the sour cream raspberry cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for a dinner with friends 

and the sour cream chocolate cupcakes with nutella frosting for a party my host mom hosted. ha.

Baking here is still sending me for a loop but I think its making me learn ingredient ratios more than I’ve ever had to following a cup and teaspoon recipe in the States. I’m not sure how many more cupcakes I’ll make here because I still can’t figure out my oven/I just don’t like how it bakes. Anyways, I gots traveling to do and alllll summer in New Orleans to bake!! yay!!

The Cream Team is prøud tø intrøduce….

Four new members!! Pictured bellow are Ben, Mary and Anna! This tumblr is in Anna’s bookmark toolbar and although Mary’s tumblr (tinyshower.tumblr.com) isn’t a CT follower yet, I’m confident it will be soon. That’s impressive stuff!

The fourth new member we haven’t actually met yet, but considering the amount of time we’ll likely spend eating Agnes’ cupcakes, I’m sure we will meet her eventually.

We tried the black and white, red velvet and the caramel which was “frosted” with caramel. Agnes is NOT joking around. As Anna says, only 27 flavors to go. She probably thinks shes joking. Don’t worry because half of us have gym memberships, although, I’m pretty sure you can all guess which half I’m in ;-)

M&M Cupcake Party

Being home for the holidays means old friends to play cupcake with! Marisa and Molly did most of the work on these babies, I did very excitedly get involved when then stand mixer got pulled out (I want one more than I can possibly say) and we all contributed to the decorating.

Marisa took the beautiful pictures and Molly decorated the boob(s). and the narwhal

There are only four great arts: music, painting, sculpture, and ornamental pastry

-famous quote used by Julia Child; “ornamental pastry” makes twinkie whales sound so much more decadent